Our Operations

At Feitsma Dairies we were able to purchase all our cows from previous herds already in Sask. Our cows are divided into 5 different groups which consist of a Fresh cow, high, two year olds , mid and low group. The cows all get milked 3 times a day to maintain a consistent milking routine. Once in the parlour our milking procedure involves prep and a post dip. Our herd is all electronically monitored by RFID tags that automatically puts the cows data into the computer in the parlour as well as in the office. Through this we are able to closely monitor each cow and any changes that may occur in her. The program used to assist in monitoring the herd is called Dairy Comp 305, and provides our herdsman with a complete in depth and over view of the herd at all times.

The cows are kept clean and comfortable, which helps to get outstanding results from a commercially based herd of cows.

The health of our herd is very important and to maintain that we have a consistent routine of herd health with our local Vet and Hoof trimming every other week.

Our cows are all bred through Artificial Insemination using proven semen for the first two to three services and genomic bulls until she gets pregnant.

The dry cows are dry for 60 day and are moved to the dry cow barn where they spend 39 days. The remaining 21 days of their dry period they are brought back into the barn in the close-up group on the bedding pack. After calving our fresh cows are closely monitored every day for 5 days in bedding pack pen in the barn.

Calves are all fed by bottles with pasteurized milk twice a day. At two months of age the calves are weaned and move to our heifer barn into larger group pens where they get fed a TMR ( total mixed ration). Heifers are bred at 14 months of age and all young stock are vaccinated once a year with a killed vaccine.